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Oklahoma Nurses Association is pleased to announce the availability of a robust, comprehensive and entirely online stress management course from an international leader in stress mastery: Dr. Michael Olpin. The Stress Release Course for Nurses is not like other apps that give quick tips or tricks to temporarily “relieve” stress. This course is a multi-dimensional, research-based approach that helps you turn off your stress, feel better, be healthier, and build a strong foundation from which you can thrive. The course is accessible through your computer or all mobile devices.

Check out the possibilities to embark on a liberating path to confronting and conquering the sources of stress in your professional career and personal life!

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The Terra Firma team is holding an Ask the Expert Q&A session with Dr. Michael Olpin, focusing on stress release for nurses. Dr. Olpin is a Stress Release expert with over 30 years of research and teaching experience. At Terra Firma, we want to answer nurses’ questions about stress and stress release. For this reason, Terra Firma invites you to participate in our Ask the Expert survey. Your answers to the survey will help guide the discussion with Dr. Olpin.  The recorded Q&A session will be made available to all nursing associations and registered users of the Terra Firma app for Nurses. For more information about Terra Firma and Dr. Michael Olpin, visit our website @ The survey is open from April 4th through April 24th.  To provide your feedback, please click on the following link: Thank you for your input. 

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