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Note: Because your membership was processed through ANA, please refer to the following instructions.

To renew your membership online, visit and login to your MyANA page. Once logged in, if it is time for you to renew your membership, you will see renew membership message in the main shaded box at the top right.  Please click on this to renew your membership.

If your membership has been canceled, you will not see the renewal option. Please follow the join process to reinstate your membership.

If your status has changed or you wish to change your state affiliation, please updated your information at: or call 1-800-923-7709. We will provide information on your new dues rate if applicable as dues vary by state and may vary by status.

If you do not see the renewal option after logging in to the Members Only section and believe that this is an error or have any other issues regarding renewing your membership, please contact Membership Billing at (800) 923-7709 or We will be happy to assist you.