Region 2

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ONA Region 2 Awards

Yes, it is time to begin thinking about who of your colleagues, co-workers, etc. you can nominate for one of the Awards: Excellence in Nursing; Nursing Research; Nursing Impact on Public Policy; Nightingale Award of Excellence; Excellence in the Workplace; and Friend of Nursing.

If you are new to the process (especially first timers), Dr. Kupperschmidt (AKA Dr. K) will mentor you through the process, from consideration of potential nominees to preparation and submission of documents. Her contact information is

Click here to review the details and awards application. 

2017 - Past Meetings  (2018 Meeting information coming soon)

  • February 21 - Caring for Veterans
  • April 21 - A Culture of Safety and High Reliability & Spring Luncheon 
  • October 10th @ 5:30pm - Delegate Meeting and Board Meeting - OU Schusterman (41stand South Yale) 1C35 Nursing Professional Practice Lab  Administration Building (at the Buffalo). 
  • September 19th - Trauma Emergency Nursing Nurse Navigators
  • November 7th - Unconscious Bias

Recent News

Past News

egion 2 Board Members 2017-18

President:  Brandi Payton
President-Elect:  Donna Fesler 
Secretary:  Chris Thoman
Treasurer:  Pam Price Hoskins

Chairperson of the Committee on Nursing Advancement:  Micki McKinney

Director-at-Large:  Julia Profit-Johnson

Director-at-Large:  Betty Kupperschmidt

Director-at-Large:  Donna Calvin

Director-at-Large:  Marla Smith

Region 2 Representative:   

Nominating Committee Chairperson:  Helen Farrar

Nominating Committee Members:  Carla Lynch, Teri Bycroft, Donna Fessler

Delegates:  Marie Ahrens, Teresa Frazier, Mary Helen Freter, Emma Kientz, Betty Kupperschmidt, Cindy Lyons, Linda Lyons-Coyle,  Micki McKinney, Stephanie Merritt, Brenda Nance, Allen Nottingham, Julia Profit-Johnson, Marla Smith, Christine Thoman, Francene Weatherby, Shelly Wells, Deborah Wipf

View the Region 2 Bylaws