2009 - Protection for Requried Reporting

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Oklahoma Nurses Association Position Statement on Protection for Nurses for Required Reporting

The Oklahoma Nurses Association (ONA) recognizes that nurses are very concerned about patient safety issues and realizes that nurses are required to report alleged violations that put a patient at risk to a licensing or regulatory body. Nurses are required to report any alleged violation of the nurse practice act to the Oklahoma Board of Nursing. ONA is acutely aware that these alleged violations should be reported internally whenever possible allowing the organization and staff to correct the procedure or policy. 

It is the Position of the Oklahoma Nurses Association that nurses should be protected from retaliatory efforts by employer organizations, physicians and/or other healthcare providers when reporting alleged violations that put a patient at risk. Nurses’ employment status should not be jeopardized when they report in good faith alleged violations that place a patient at risk.

ONA will collaborate with other nursing organizations as well as other relevant organizations to actively support policies as well as legislation that create the best possible practice environments that promote and protect the welfare of nurses and their ability to advocate for their patient.

Resolution adopted by 2004 ONA House of Delegates

Position Statement Approved by ONA Board July 25, 2009