Position Statements

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The Oklahoma Nurses Association has adopted Position Statements based on the actions of the ONA House of Delegates

Current Position Statements include:

2017 - APRN Full Practice Authority

It is the position of the Oklahoma Nurses Association that it supports full practice authority for Advance Practice Registered Nurses in Oklahoma.

ONA and its members will advocate state legislation to provide full practice authority for Advance Practice Registered Nurses in Oklahoma. In addition, ONA and its members will advocate state legislation to allow APRNs with prescriptive authority to write Schedule II – V drugs in accordance with their role’s scope of practice.

ONA also supports credentialing of Advance Practice Registered Nurses by insurance companies and facilities. 

2016 - Care Coordination and Registered Nurses

It is the position of the Oklahoma Nurses Association that care coordination is a component of professional nursing practice, and only Registered Nurses should utilize the title of Care Coordinator.  Licensed and unlicensed non-RN health care workers who lack the skill set to address the needs of patients with complicated health issues should not describe their jobs as care coordinators nor use the title Care Coordinator. 

2009 - Protection for Required Reporting

It is the Position of the Oklahoma Nurses Association that nurses should be protected from retaliatory efforts by employer organizations, physicians and/or other healthcare providers when reporting alleged violations that put a patient at risk. Nurses’ employment status should not be jeopardized when they report in good faith alleged violations that place a patient at risk. more...

2008 - Nurse Residency Programs/Transistioning Newly Licensed Nurses

It is ONA's position on transitioning newly licensed nurses into practice is to Support Initiatives that facilitate the successful integration of new nurse graduates in the work environment, including but not limited to, residency programs more...

2008 - Scope and Discipline of the Practice of Professional Nursing

ONA's position is that it is the registered nurse's independent authority to practice with the rights, responsibilities, and accountability as defined in the profession's fundamental documents, the ANA Social Policy Statement, Code of Ethics for Nurses with Interpretive Statements, the Nursing Scope and Standards of Practice and the Oklahoma Nurse Practice Act. more...

2007 - Positive Work Environments

The Oklahoma Nurses Association endorses the right of every nurse to work in a healthy work environment free from horizontal violence. This includes each professional nurse’s responsibility to:

  1. Monitor their personal communication patterns to ensure respectful communication, confront hostility, verbal abuse or other forms of horizontal violence
  2. Advocate for students and nurses new to the profession
  3. Provide leadership among team members in modeling appropriate communication
  4. Educate colleagues and students about healthy work environments, positive team behavior and communication skills.

2006 - Nurse Staffing

  1. There is no substitution for registered nurses.
  2. Registered nurses have a positive impact on nurse sensitive patient outcomes and measures 
  3. Nurse leaders are actively involved in planning operational and long range goals for effective staffing to address:
    • Impact of fatigue is associated with increased errors and nurse satisfaction
    • Maturity of the nurse, and physical demand of the role. 
    • Working Hours and roles are adjusted to retain the mature workforce
  4. Health care organizations facilitate collaborative relationships among staff, front line managers and leaders
  5. Staffing decisions are based on:
    • Needs of the patient/patient population
    • Geographic and technologic complexities are addressed in the work environment
    • Flexibility to address fluctuations related to census, acuity and seasonal variation
    • Competencies and roles of the staff available 
  6. Use of temporary staff and unlicensed assistive staff augment the care delivered by licensed nurses and must be supervised by a registered nurse.
  7. During a disaster that the mode of operation related to staffing is based on survival and strategies adopted by the federal and local authorities.

2004 - Mandatory Overtime

ONA opposes the routine use of mandatory overtime to cover staff shortages in health care facilities. Mandatory overtime is not accepted by ONA as an appropriate staffing method.   more...